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US Route 2 and US Route 97 Junction in Chelan County, Washington

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Does anyone have clearer pictures of this interchange—and areas around it—with different angles, including from the POV of US Route 97 northbound before the interchange prior to the construction in 2008 that changed it the on and off ramps we have today? It's known as the Don Senn Memorial Interchange and is on the west side of the Columbia River, east of Peshastin. This is from 2008, but it was while construction was already going on, and it's not very clear:

I'm trying to figure out exactly how they did it, because with the current setup, the ramps have you going slightly uphill or downhill. However, from what I remember at the time when the ramps didn't even exist when I was roughly 16 or 17 as a passenger with my mom—since I hadn't started driving yet—in our case, since we were always going to Wenatchee is that heading northbound on US 97, you came up to a stop sign and turned right. The intersection was on level-ground. The only thing I can think of on why there's a slight hill now is that there was a very slight realignment done of US 97 there.

If you go east past the stoplights in the Oct. 2008 view, you can find this image from Sept. 2007 that seems to predate construction:

Looking at the construction, it seems clear that US 2 was elevated and the relocated US 97 was lowered to allow for the clearance under the overpass.

Edit: Here's a couple better shots of the junction itself from 2007:

That last one is what I definitely remember. And yeah, it definitely seems likely there was a slight realignment of US 97, because if you turn that last image around to face south—which interestingly enough, it won't let you move farther in that direction—that curve is definitely not there in the setup now. Raising US 2 and adding that overpass and lowering US 97 also seems likely.

It's too bad we can't go further back than 2009 from this angle, as I would love to see it prior to construction:


--- Quote from: Amaury on February 01, 2023, 01:10:16 AM ---It's too bad we can't go further back than 2009 from this angle, as I would love to see it prior construction:

--- End quote ---

That would be interesting to see the difference. Looking at the wide shoulder up to the side road, my guess is that the stop sign is basically in the middle of old US 97.

This streetview shows that the old intersection was located about where the new ramps merge in at the east end of the interchange:

Digging into the Internet Archives, the old WSDOT page for this project also has some info that may be of interest to you, including a couple (unfortunately very small) aerial photos showing the design that do confirm the location of the old intersection:

Given this evidence, US 97 was indeed slightly realigned to meet US 2 further west when the interchange was constructed, and this along with some raising of US 2 and/or lowering of US 97 would account for the hill on the current ramps.

The red line here shows the approximate location of the old US 97 alignment:


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