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My highest of 399 has been dethroned earlier. It is now 414 on I-40 in NC.

Great Lakes and Ohio Valley / Re: I-69 in KY
Last post by Rick Powell - Today at 12:02:58 PM
Quote from: 74/171FAN on Today at 06:34:06 AMI see this as preparation for the extension, and that I-69 has not been officially extended yet to Fulton.
Apparently, KYTC is as trigger-happy as Google Maps! But did notice that up and down future 69 from Mayfield to Fulton with the April 2024 street view, the Wingo KY 339 interchange approaches are the only place where official 69 shields appear, and the Purchase Parkway and Future 69 signs are still up everywhere else.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Interstate 11 alignment, t...
Last post by roadfro - Today at 11:37:40 AM
Quote from: vdeane on June 11, 2024, 12:59:13 PM
Quote from: Great Lakes Roads on June 11, 2024, 12:00:40 AMLee Canyon Road Interchange (Existing): A new interchange would replace the existing Lee Canyon Road and U.S. 95 intersection to provide interstate access to the Lee Canyon and Mt. Charleston recreation and residential areas south of U.S. 95 and a connection to the Creech AFB facility known as 63C to the north of U.S. 95. Upgrading the existing at-grade intersection will eliminate the crashes that commonly occur at this location.
I'm curious why they call this "existing".  Aren't most/all of the "new" interchanges also at existing at-grade intersections?  What makes this one so special that it's noted similarly to the existing full interchanges?
I was wondering this myself. The only thing I can think of is that the southbound US 95 direction does have a separate right turn ramp to Lee Canyon Rd (there's actually an unnumbered exit gore sign too) and another ramp from Lee Canyon Rd to SB US 95. (Kyle Canyon Rd was set up the same way before the DDI was constructed.) But those improvements don't rise to the level of interchange, especially since northbound movements are at grade.
Northeast / Re: Pennsylvania
Last post by epzik8 - Today at 11:35:28 AM
Mid-South / Re: I-69 in Arkansas
Last post by MikieTimT - Today at 11:30:47 AM
Also would be useful for avoiding the congestion of Texarkana and especially Little Rock as well if completed.
General Highway Talk / Re: I'm so old that...
Last post by mgk920 - Today at 11:27:04 AM
Four lane (then) US 41 around Neenah, WI before the concrete median 'Jersey' barrier was installed (and no left shoulders).

The six lane I-94 between Milwaukee, WI and the Illinois state line with the box steel median barrier.

Sports / Re: Former Lakers GM Jerry Wes...
Last post by SP Cook - Today at 11:13:33 AM

West has no actual relationship with that part of WV, being from southern Kanawha county and playing in Monongalia county, but someone just decided that the existing 44 should be so signed.  Shame they didn't swap the number for something more geographically appropriate, or at least more significant.
Sports / Re: Former Lakers GM Jerry Wes...
Last post by Big John - Today at 11:00:28 AM
I believe he was best known as a player for the Lakers and being the model for the NBA logo.
General Highway Talk / Re: I'm so old that...
Last post by akotchi - Today at 10:58:52 AM
Quote from: roadman65 on Today at 12:07:36 AMI remember when I-95 wasn't complete in NC. The Fayetteville Bypass was a future thing and US 301 through Fayetteville carried the traffic.  The Goldrock Trumpet was a segment end and barricaded off SB to direct motorists onto today's NC 4 to US 301. At Kenly an At Grade intersection was the junction of I-95 and US 301 when the Kenly- Goldrock section was not a completed freeway. 

I-95 was not built from Emporia, VA to Exit 41 near Petersburg. A four lane US 301 connected the two freeway segments. When I-95 got finally constructed, the NB US 301 lanes became SB I-95 and Route 301 became two lanes again using the former SB lanes.

I recall this too from trips between my home and my grandparents' home in south Florida.  Early to mid-1970s, so too young to drive.

Other gaps in I-95 that I recall were
- around the I-26 interchange in S.C. (U.S. 15 was the temporary detour)
- between Hardeeville SC and I-16 west of Savannah, GA
- a section near Brunswick, GA
- the aforementioned gap between Vero Beach and West Palm Beach, FL, where the Turnpike runs very close
- two sections in Broward County that I don't remember a lot of details about.  The Broward Blvd. interchange was built spanning several of my trips down that way.

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