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KFC repairing road potholes

Started by barcncpt44, March 28, 2009, 05:13:58 PM

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This is just wierd that KFC would be spending money repairing potholes and then painting their logo on the repaired pothole.,0,406116.story

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Desperate times DO call for desperate measures...


Wow! A new trend, eh?  :-D

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Gives public-private partnership a whole new meaning.  :sombrero:
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I'm out of this F***KING PLACE!


Every road in California is going to have a KFC logo on it.  :-/
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Those repairs are finger-lickin' good for our roads


The logos are apparently simply chalked on and will disappear in 10 days, even without rain.

I think it's a pretty innovative idea.  Personally, I think private funding of transport infrastructure in exchange for advertising is actually going to become a big thing here.  I'd rather have KFC logos all over the road than a toll, personally.

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Don't be too sure about that. I don't know if I'd want to see constant advertisements on the pavement.
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rawr apples

A world where everything is sponsored..
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... is a world I don't want to live in.



Yeah, I kinda share voyager's opinion... though if they're just chalked on they'd come off pretty quick and you would hardly notice. And at least it gets the potholes fixed.
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QuoteThe logos are apparently simply chalked on and will disappear in 10 days, even without rain.

According to the video on that story, as well as another video that was sent to me (where they show road crews patching and applying the logo), the KFC logos are spray-painted on.  They supposedly disappear in about 30 days.
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Seems like a good cause of accidents (distracted driving) :-/
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Does the Colonel have a secret blend of 11 rocks n asphalt? :-D :colorful:
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