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 on: Today at 11:04:04 PM 
Started by LM117 - Last post by froggie
How about Selma? Its bypass is short. They might as well extend US 70 ALT through Selma and keep US 70 on the bypass.

Since I-42 will use US-70 Bypass in Selma, I'd just decommission US-70 Bypass and call it a day.
Another possibility: put US 70 on US 70 BUS through Smithfield (this would be consistent with returning it to Clayton as already announced). Decommission US 70 BYP and also US 70 ALT; make US 70 ALT a state primary highway through Pine Level, perhaps NC 270.

There are two big differences between Clayton and Smithfield.  BUS 70 through Clayton is 4 lanes and is on the National Highway System.  BUS 70 through Smithfield is neither.

 on: Today at 10:51:05 PM 
Started by KCRoadFan - Last post by pianocello
I-88 WB from I-294 SB: Exit 31B
I-88 WB from I-294 NB: Exit 29

I-69 EB from I-96 WB: Exit 91
I-69 EB from I-96 EB: Exit 89

In both of these cases, an interchange with a giant footprint is all it takes.

 on: Today at 10:49:00 PM 
Started by planxtymcgillicuddy - Last post by J N Winkler
I hate it when the dishwasher malfunctions and I have to wash everything by hand.  But, as a general rule, the dishwasher is the far more restrictive option for washing dishes.  Pretty much everything can go in a sinkful of hot water with dish soap, but the dishwasher is really hard on bone, wood, metals other than stainless steel, nonstick surfaces, and so on.

 on: Today at 10:43:03 PM 
Started by chrismarion100 - Last post by NE2
You misspelled 'updogs'.

 on: Today at 10:32:06 PM 
Started by planxtymcgillicuddy - Last post by Max Rockatansky
I havenít used the dishwasher in years.  I hand wash everything in the sink and put it to dry.

 on: Today at 10:25:34 PM 
Started by MultiMillionMiler - Last post by Amaury

 on: Today at 10:24:29 PM 
Started by MultiMillionMiler - Last post by Rothman
* Pulled over for crossing the deadman's space when getting on Interstate 82 westbound at the Firing Center area (MP/Exit 26).

What is a deadman's space?
*bets on it being the gore*

 on: Today at 10:22:41 PM 
Started by index - Last post by Rothman
I wonder if I've set a record for longest time living in the same efficiency apartment: 25 years.

I've never even made it three years in a single apartment.
Huh.  I'm probably setting a personal record for longest time renting in one place.  Never thought of that before.  Not surprising though -- we really like this location and the management.

Still, the call to own a house again is always in the back of my mind.

 on: Today at 10:22:03 PM 
Started by 1 - Last post by MultiMillionMiler
CA 99 could be 99 mph

Texas State Highway 130 could be 130 mph, since they supposedly tested the roads design speed before opening it to the public at over 200 mph.

 on: Today at 10:21:43 PM 
Started by agentsteel53 - Last post by IowaTraveler
Anyone notice that the numbers next to the measure distance tool are now way too small to read?

Yeah, I just noticed that this morning. I normally use Waterfox, but the problem also occurred in when I tested it in Chrome, so it doesn't seem to be a browser-specific issue.

Another recent change that I noticed a few days ago is that they've updated the UI for looking at older Streetview images, so that the preview images are lined up across the bottom of the screen instead of in a timeline near the top left corner.

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