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Big Bend National Park

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Has any one ever been to this park? I just got back today (6/7/09). MAN!!! This National Park is 100% AWESOME if you haven't been there you sould come sometime (of corse not if you hate hiking or anything). The Window is AWESOME, Emory Peak(7,825) is a tough hike but it is SO worth it, Dead Man's Lunch is an amazing view, i swam in the Rio Grande (but didn't cross to Mexico), Santa Elena Canyon is AWSOME, theres a (secret) waterfall called Cattail Falls it is beautiful, and on a road to Rio Grande Villiage we went through a COOL tunnel, My group originaly camped in the middle of the wilderness, then we moved to the basin(toilets, running water, bear lockers) and most of all when we were there a youth group of 19 girls was not to far from us, we all played a big game of capture the flag it was awesome. The hike up Emory Peak was a killer and it started raining so we had to camp at a empty campsite that night, but the next day we made it all the way up the mountain. Grapevine Hills is AMAZING, there are all these boulders to climb on it's awesome
So if you want to go to Big Bend you MUST be prepare for it!!! anywhere you go there will be a hike to where you go.

drove through there in Dec '06 on RR170 - excellent place!

Hmm those are nice pics

No run-ins with drug wars or anything of the like? :hmm:


--- Quote from: Master son on June 08, 2009, 10:02:54 AM ---No run-ins with drug wars or anything of the like? :hmm:

--- End quote ---
No the Mexican cliffs are at least 5,000 feet above the Rio Grande

I can't wait to go back


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