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Exit beers - brewer names new beers for NJ Turnpike Exits

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The Flying Fish Brewing Company (FFBC, are naming a series of their beers for Exits on the New Jersey Turnpike.

A roadgeek brewery?

The N.J. Turnpike Authority and others are not happy about this:


--- Quote from: AARoads on July 10, 2009, 11:48:07 AM ---The N.J. Turnpike Authority and others are not happy about this:

--- End quote ---

Some people have no sense of humor and/or too much time on their hands.  :pan:

Why would anyone think that the NJ Turnpike Authority endorses it just because an exit number is on it?  There are plenty of businesses, many alcohol related, that have highway numbers or street names in their names and do people think that their local DOT endorses it?  :crazy: :rolleyes:

seems like the Turnpike Authority are over it, and it's MADD that's up in arms.

screw MADD.  one of the few demographic groups in this world more despicable than the drunk drivers are MADD shrills.  pretty impressive accomplishment there.

MADD... lemme think...

I have heard of it, something about "Mothers Against Drunk Driving"?

Is drunk driving a problem with 16-year olds? You can drink at the age 16 in most of Europe, but you can't drive until you're 18.


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