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Google Maps just fucking SUCKS now

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well, shit.

it's gone from a tool that I rely on several times a day, to something for which I have had to erase the memorized auto-complete URL in my browser's address bar, lest I prefer to not absentmindedly crash my browser.

what the high holy fuck ever prompted Google to release this pile of shit?

it's like going from a car that reliably transports you to point B, to Ace Rothstein's Cadillac.

So far it has been enjoyable for me. It seemed a little slow at first, but I actually like the small map that I can directly click on when I'm in Streetview and get thrown from an overpass.

corco: is where it's at now.

Yeah, they took the best tool for roadgeeking and made it useless.

There is an option to go back to the old layout

I have not experienced a browser crash with it, but in general I have found it to be slower than it used to be and I've switched to using Bing Maps until I hear it's been resolved. Bing's aerial images are considerably older than Google's, however.


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