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Max Rockatansky:

--- Quote from: usends on March 12, 2023, 10:25:39 AM ---I think I may have broken the database.  Today I can't pull up any documents, not even ones that I viewed yesterday.  I just get a weird error message.  Anyone else having the same issue?

--- End quote ---

Pulled up for me when I tried it on my phone.

Works for me, too.

Revive 755:
Missouri apparently tried once to renumber I-44 as I-66 per the December 1962 meeting.

Max Rockatansky:
Something I put together for the poorly planned proposal to extend US Route 90 to Gila Bend, Arizona.  I'm amused that the Arizona State Highway Engineer tried to pull a fast one of the AASHO Executive Secretary using the Interstate system as an excuse/rationale:

It's worth noting that the Interstates were not yet numbered in 1955. So having portions of Interstates not part of the U.S. Route system is a perfectly good rationale when it wasn't yet clear that there would be separate numbering.


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