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1 (logging back in):
I'm just trying to log back in, not create an account.

I suddenly got logged out, and when I tried to log in (I tried twice), I got this message. Cookies are enabled. Cross-site tracking is disabled, but since this forum doesn't have any trackers, it shouldn't be an issue.

thegrassguy (logged out):
I have that same problem too.

CNGL-Leudimin (member):
I have the same issue as 1. I got forcibly logged out (even though I have this set to log in until the heat death of the Universe/big crunch/whatever is the ultimate fate of the Universe), and got the same error when I tried to log in back. As a bright side, I'm taking the chance to post in this otherwise out-of-reach forum :sombrero:.

1995hoo (logged out):
Same here on both my iPad and iPhone (haven’t tried my PC yet).

index (trying to log in):
Same issue here. Cleared my cookies and tried to reset my password but nothing happening.


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