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Interstate 74 Mississippi river bridge demolition

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I wasn't familiar with this project.  At least the new bridge is visually interesting and not just another boring concrete highway bridge.

I've been over the new one, it's quite nice. They also re-aligned 74 through the city, reducing the S-Curve.

Seems like a waste of classic architecture IMO...


--- Quote from: epzik8 on July 03, 2023, 04:41:51 PM ---Seems like a waste of classic architecture IMO...

--- End quote ---

Coast Guard probably required the demolition of it so the navigation channel stays straight there. Having the channel narrow for the two older bridges was probably unacceptable to them. It also is a high cost to maintain a bridge even in non-operational status. All the same costs for the structure minus the cost of redoing the pavement.

Now both of the old spans are gone.


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