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TV stations preempting network shows

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Big John:
^^ South of Sunset was heavily promoted during the 1993 World Series and was cancelled after 1 episode.

Preempting still exists today, but mainly for sports events. Also, extremely rarely does it ever happen in Canada, as sports broadcasts are on cable TV. With that said, and with me not watching TV anymore, the last time I can recall seeing a preempting was in the early 2010s, with one of Wheel of Fortune's Saturday reruns on Detroit's NBC affiliate (WDIV-TV), which we had on cable on the Magdalen Islands for some reason.

Road Hog:
I remember a large number of ABC affiliates pre-empted the first couple of seasons of NYPD Blue in 1993-94 because of its edgy (at the time) nudity and language.

Anyone remember when Jay Leno gave up the Tonight Show and NBC gave him that nightly 10 PM show? WHDH, Channel in Boston, then the NBC affiliate, threatened to play news instead of the show. Inevitably they didn't, but somehow it previewed the massive failure the show became.

That station got its wish years later when it lost its affiliation and now plays news for about 10 hours per weekday.

Pre-empting Network shows is common for Breaking News reasons like storms and other major events in certain areas but today if you have a TV that connects to a Wifi then you can find the prempted episodes on TV apps like Hulu, Paramount+, Disney+ and Peacock.

I remember it used to be a big deal in the past but then again we are in a different era.


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