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Author Topic: A short day trip I took (no pictures unfortunately, but some interesting info)  (Read 2126 times)


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A couple of days ago, I went on a day trip with my mom. I'm a youngling, as some of you may or may not know, but I know roads quite well considering I'm only 17 (going to turn 18 soon).

I went to the Shabbona Lake State Park in Shabbona, Illinois, for the oddest reason ever - to have an open place to study. I could've done it somewhere else, but eh, it's one of the closest state parks to my house so I figured, why not?

We took I-88 from home over to IL-56, then US-30 all the way to Shabbona.

Not much to say about I-88 or IL-56, as I've done that drive before. I noticed though, that IL-56 had construction cones heading westbound (once you exit I-88) but not eastbound.

US-30 was quite interesting. Lot more traffic than I expected. The towns slowed you down as low as 20 mph (school season), but mostly the speed limit was a solid 55 mph. My mom drove at around 70 mph most of the time (except in towns obviously) because of it was quite empty heading westbound toward Shabbona. We noticed alot of trucks heading eastbound on US-30 wizzing by us.

When we reached Shabbona, US-30 climbed up a hill, and went back down, and then you'd see a gas station at the junction with Indian Road.

We turned left at Indian Road, and right at the stop sign, then left again to the entrance of the park.

The lake was quite nice. They also had bbq grills near the lake, and a bait shop and boat rentals. We didn't stay long as my math tutor was coming home soon to teach me math, so we had to rush back to the Chicagoland suburbs.

Once again, we took US-30 to IL-56 to I-88. We almost got stuck behind a truck after reaching the US-30/IL-23 junction, but we passed him due to a lack of cars heading westbound. It was quite amusing.

US-30 would be an interesting route to take to avoid tolls, at least if your goal is to get to I-39. It seems less busy than I-88 westbound, but eastbound seems quite busy for some odd reason.

That's about it for this report. Cya later!
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