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Author Topic: Storm Chase Report: 5/26/21 — Hays, Kansas  (Read 2050 times)


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Storm Chase Report: 5/26/21 — Hays, Kansas
« on: June 14, 2021, 06:20:55 AM »

May 26, I closed out the 2021 Spring severe weather season (for now) with a run up to areas near Hays, Kansas.

Outbound: I-35 north to I-135 out of Wichita, to Kansas SR 4 west to US 183 North.

Notes: I-135 is a total cluster foxtrot through Wichita. So is I-235, for that matter or we would have bypassed the 135 mess. Several construction zones.

The chase on the main storm of the day included multiple county roads across Barton and Rush counties. Two tornadoes were observed on this storm as it progressed east. Finally, as it looked to be on a downward trend in terms of chance to produce additional tornadoes, we broke for Dodge City to play development in that area via US 183, US 56, K-156 and ultimately back to US 283. This was the south play we had anticipated may have a better shot, but it did not play out that way. As that storm struggled to get organized, we decided to cut our losses and head south, but not before snapping some sunset photos near Minneola, Kansas.

Side note, if you are ever passing by Englewood, Kansas and you enjoy looking at older buildings, there’s an old mercantile shop on the corner of US 283 (which is 3rd Street through the town) and Claremont Street. How much longer it will be there, I am not sure, but it definitely has an old Western look to it. It was still there as of 5/26.

From Englewood it was a pretty much direct shot down US 283 to US 412/270, then US 270 from Woodward, Oklahoma to US 281 to I-40 and back home.


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