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Connecticut Route 66 videolog, 1985


EB: //
WB and US 1 photolog are also online from same uploader, who obtained the logs from ConnDOT via public records request.

Background information:

jp the roadgeek:
That's fascinating.  I remember having to use the exit ramp as a temporary entrance ramp when they were building the portion of what is now I-691 west of there.  Plus all the old businesses (and the lack of development) in Southington and Middletown (Arthur Treacher's in Middletown was already Scooby's by then).  Didn't remember there were Chevron stations in CT (right across from the old Sal's Supermarket near the CT 120 junction; which itself was relocated when they built the existing part of the expressway).  And yes, the former southern/eastern terminus of CT 72 up near Wesleyan.

Road Hog:
Maybe someone could follow the same routes and make an updated video today?


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