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Help me plan a trip from Baltimore to South Dakota and back!

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Thank you.. good information.  I'm also thinking about modifying Laura's original route to use less interstates, and also travel much more south of Pittsburg, over the top of Columbus, South of Ft Wayne (24), south of Chicago (224), to Forrest and up 47, pick up 20 and follow it all the way through to 35 in E Dubuque, IA, to 151 to Dickeyville, pick up 61 to 14, follow the Mississippi River to LaCrosse, cross over and follow 90 to Rapid City.   I'm guessing it would be slower, but more scenic.   

If you want to stay south of Pittsburgh yet still pass near Columbus, an option I like is I-68 west to I-79, south to Clarksburg, then US-50 (Corridor D) west to Athens, then US-33 northwest to Columbus. I find the drive far more relaxing than Pennsylvania's substandard Interstates, especially the US-50 portion, which is generally wide open (four lanes, speed limit generally 65). The distance may look longer on a map, but the difference is actually quite minimal. Corridor H (US-48) is even nicer but takes longer.

Another option that didn't exist at the time of Laura's original post is the new alignment of US-219 south of Somerset, Pennsylvania. It takes about half an hour to connect between I-68 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Somerset using the new alignment. I prefer that to passing through Breezewood.


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