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--- Quote from: 74/171FAN on November 18, 2022, 01:05:20 PM ---I think that this sign on MD 210 is the only time that a route reference in text has been on a speed limit sign that I know of.  (

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I'm sure it's because of the service road to the right. It's a new sign—Street View has September 2022 imagery just to the north in which that sign is there, but when you click further south to try to see it, it jumps back to June 2022 and the sign isn't there.


odditude: says "roadwork"


--- Quote from: epzik8 on November 19, 2022, 05:55:39 PM ---Explanation?????

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They closed I-895 southbound for construction.

Our next installment in the "Virtual Tour" series is a special New Year's Eve edition that will take place on Saturday (12/31) at 3 PM ET (please note the difference in start time). Come join me and members of the AARoads community as we profile Interstates 97 and 83 across central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania and discuss the history and features of these highways all while enjoying a real-time video trip along the length of two of America's shortest mainline interstate highways.

A link to the event location can be found below and we look forward to seeing you in attendance:



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