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--- Quote from: 1995hoo on December 04, 2022, 10:48:14 AM ---We were on the Beltway last night headed to L'Auberge Chez François and, passing through Tysons, I noted a rather interesting ground-mounted BGS on the right passing Route 7 on the Inner Loop. VDOT recently relocated the Dulles exit from the mainline as part of roadwork related to the HO/T lanes extension project. The left lane now becomes exit-only and the exit is now just before the Jones Branch Road overpass. It’s still on the left and it joins the exit ramp from the HO/T lanes; the ramp is now two lanes, separated by a double white line you’re not supposed to cross (I was quite nervous someone would cross it anyway and indeed they did).

So the interesting sign in Tysons is a vertical BGS with a yellow banner on the bottom reading "LEFT LANE MUST EXIT." It’s the words "MUST EXIT" that I found interesting because I don’t ever recall seeing those on a BGS in Virginia before. I associate those words with Delaware because they used to have a lot of signs phrased that way. Under the circumstances, though, I think it’s very good wording because it’s a ground-mounted sign placed on the right-hand side of the road (due to a lack of space on the left), so "exit only" might be less clear.

No pictures, unfortunately. I was driving with my wife and my mom in the car and I doubt I would have gotten a good picture anyway due to our position versus where the sign was—we were in the express lanes (no toll with three people!) and the sign was four lanes over to the right.

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A left lane must exit situation is always a bit of a surprise, so hopefully there are enough signs to warn about this early on.

It seems like a good place to do it, though.  Shifting the left lane traffic onto 267 would mean that there is more room to allow for the merger of traffic coming in from the HOT lanes.

Does VDOT have a numbering system for state highways or are they randomly assigned? Anyone know?


--- Quote from: FLAVORTOWN on December 05, 2022, 05:22:15 PM ---Does VDOT have a numbering system for state highways or are they randomly assigned? Anyone know?

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Virginia is on its 4th state highway numbering scheme...

1918-23 - routes were designated 1-28 by state legislature.  VA 10 is the only one still numbrered that way using some of its designated route.  VA 28 was never renumbered or decommissioned but extensions and truncations mean it does not follow any of its original routing.

1923-28 - more routes were added as 3 and 4 digit spurs; single digit routes were renumbered.  See

1928-33 clustering system for the 8 Districts at that time.  District 1 had 100s, etc.  More 2 digit routes were added that crossed district lines.  See

1933 - mass renumbering to accomodate secondary system (600+ numbers).  Still clustered by district but numbered continuously from 59-283.  2-digit routes from before that weren't also US routes were retained.  See

new routes just took the next available number.  This stopped around 1940 and new designations don't follow any pattern.  Note Virginia went on a route eliminationtear in the 1940s-50s.  There was a state line renumbering in 1940 and an interstate renumbering in the late 1950s.
See for other route logs available.

The new northbound bridge over the Rappahannock on I-95 opened this morning:

3 lanes of I-95 northbound are open over the Rappahannock River between Fredericksburg & Stafford County. 2 lanes of traffic are crossing new I-95 NB bridge. Third lane crosses original bridge & allows access to exit 133 but also rejoins with I-95 travel lanes north of exit 133.— VDOT Fredericksburg (@VaDOTFRED) December 6, 2022
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Now for the HOoT Lanes completion.


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