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Finally! TxDOT receives bids for SH 114 overpass at US 377 (Roanoke)

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Webber is the low bidder at $36.9 million, 21% below the estimate. There were 13 bidders on this job. The large number of bids and low price suggests that TxDOT should be bidding more jobs of this size in North Texas to get some good prices.

County:   DENTON   Let Date:   06/04/21
Time:   0 X   Project ID:   C 353-9-2
Highway:   SH 114   Contract #:   06213202
Length:   1.078   CCSJ:   0353-09-002
From:   WEST OF US 377   Check:   $100,000
To:   EAST OF US 377   Misc Cost:   
Estimate   $46,908,124.71   % Over/Under   Company
Bidder 1   $36,943,838.16   -21.24%   WEBBER, LLC
Bidder 2   $37,972,149.83   -19.05%   AUSTIN BRIDGE & ROAD SERVICES, LP
Bidder 3   $39,500,045.45   -15.79%   ZACHRY CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION
Bidder 4   $39,975,999.98   -14.78%   FLUOR HEAVY CIVIL, LLC
Bidder 5   $41,955,441.35   -10.56%   ARCHER WESTERN CONSTRUCTION, LLC
Bidder 6   $42,460,336.59   -9.48%   SEMA CONSTRUCTION, INC.
Bidder 7   $42,539,349.82   -9.31%   J.D. ABRAMS, L.P.
Bidder 8   $42,841,364.21   -8.67%   RAGLE CONSTRUCTION, INC.
Bidder 9   $42,870,353.94   -8.61%   ED BELL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
Bidder 10   $43,154,479.35   -8.00%   SUNDT CONSTRUCTION, INC.
Bidder 11   $44,555,607.06   -5.02%   OHL USA, INC.
Bidder 12   $45,600,100.27   -2.79%   COPASA INC
Bidder 13   $47,115,719.53   +0.44%   FLATIRON CONSTRUCTORS, INC.

This is very good news.

That is a way way overdue project. The last few times I've driven in and out of the DFW area I've been snarled in back-ups at that intersection. Even at night.

TX DOT absolutely needs to get the TX-114 freeway extended from the TX-170 on over to I-35W and past that interchange to the Northwest Independent School District complex. They need to get that done ASAP. That's a freeway segment that really should have been built not long after the Texas Motor Speedway stadium was built. Really, TX-114 needs to be an Interstate quality facility all the way to the intersection with US-287 in Rhome.

Work is proceeding very quickly. As of September there was no construction underway, and now it is nearing 50% complete. Nearly all the piers are in place and about half the beams. I'm thinking it will be open later this year. I can't think of any non-emergency project that has proceeded at such a breakneck speed. Of course this is a good thing, since this overpass is urgently needed. Photo taken March 20.

According to the June Progress report, this project is on a fast track and will be complete by early 2023, less than 18 months after construction started.


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