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April 6-8, 2024 - Southern Illinois Eclipse Totality Roadgeek Meet

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Lunch meetup:  11 AM on April 6 at El Rancherito in Mt. Vernon, IL (Mexican restaurant on IL 15 just east of I-57 off Exit 95)

Following lunch on Saturday - will be targeting roadgeek sites of interest around Southern Illinois (the I-57 widening project will be a main priority)

Sunday plans: going into St. Louis area

Monday:  Venue TBD but expect a target location along or near the I-57 corridor between Mt. Vernon and Marion exits.

I strongly recommend you joining the St. Louis Roads Facebook group (became private group per decision of group admins in July 2022) for more updated information.

Having to join yet another private group is a buzzkill.

My in-laws are in Indy which is in the path of the eclipse so I'm probably going there.

Max Rockatansky:
Maybe for me, there are lots of National Parks and cities nearby my wife hasn’t been to yet. 

Path of totality goes right over my house.  I'll be enjoying it from my patio (weather permitting)...


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