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April 6-8, 2024 - Southern Illinois Eclipse Totality Roadgeek Meet

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--- Quote from: Laura on January 20, 2023, 03:27:55 PM ---Is there a good state or national park/monument in Southern Illinois?

Mike and I saw the 2017 eclipse from Homestead National Historical Park in Beatrice, NE and what was really nice about it was that we took our time at the museum and on the grounds before and after the event so that we didn't have to deal with traffic. I think I read every single informational placard at the site!!! Before the eclipse, we stayed at a very inexpensive and nice Airbnb about 2 hours away in Columbus, NE (an entire single family house and pool to ourselves for cheaper than a hotel room). Since it was outside of totality there was no reason for our host to raise the price.

I would be open to doing something like that again. It was a great excuse to visit parts of the country that I otherwise might not visit. Plus it was fun to be at a national site with other people (including Bill Nye the Science Guy, who I got a selfie with!!!)

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come up to Quebec with me! enjoy poutine!

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But clouds!

Anyway, I found some Southern IL eclipse info from 2017 that provides some ideas:

US 89:
The easiest way to see this eclipse from Florida, which is also the most climatologically favored, is going to be to drive to someplace in Texas. It's on a Monday, so ideally I'd make a long weekend out of it.


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