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Lewis and Clark Bridge between Longview, Washington, and Rainier, Oregon

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--- Quote from: xonhulu on October 14, 2022, 12:44:33 AM ---There's little need for Oregon to have their own OR 433 route shields on their short section.  Instead, it would be nice if ODOT acknowledged WA 433 on their signage on US 30.
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Years ago in Walla Walla, WSDOT had signs on U.S. 12 stating "SR 125 To OR 11" with an Oregon state shield.  However for whatever reason they've been removed.  So there is precedent for such even though Oregon 11 is a good 5 1/2 miles from U.S. 12.

So it seems logical that the sign could easily read "SR 433 to I-5".  Or if there's really that much opposition, call it U.S. 30 Spur.  (Since there's a U.S. 95 Spur.)


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