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Though we may not drive on it for at least another 10 years - if ever,
the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has slowly begun to acquire
property for the next leg of the Southern Beltway in suburban
Pittsburgh.  The right-of-way acquisition is happening along the path
of the 13 miles US 22 to I-79 section for PA Turnpike 576.

The PTC will acquire approximately 100 homes in Cecil, Robinson, and
South Fayette Townships.  Although the Turnpike Commission currently
has funds available to purchase land along the proposed highway, it is
nowhere near procuring the projected $730 million in funds to build
the highway.  As a result, the PTC is allowing property owners to
vacate the land at their discretion.

That sound a lot like what happened along the stretch of TN 840 that is currently being built in southwestern Williamson County.

The state acquired the land and then the project got bogged down in environmental lawsuits.  When the lawsuits were settled, there were some changes to the routing of 840 and the state let the original owners have the property back, if they wanted it.  In some cases, they didn't want it back because, not surprisingly, the state let the buildings decay.

While I'd like to see the PTC complete all their remaining projects/segments... if they find that they'll probably never have the money to do them all, this is the one project that seems like it makes sense to really try and finish anyway.  (All-around, the northern Mon-Fayette section would probably be the most useful... but obviously the most difficult to actually achieve)

CT has the same story with Route 11, a few more highway projects left to be completed (US-6 & US-7) but CT-11 seems to be the most likely to get finished.  However, the state started to acquire land around the highway for the proposed greenway to stifle the environmentalists.  But the project is stalled due to lack of funds.

Turnpike to build $632 million Southern Beltway extension

Seems pretty solid this stretch is gonna get done now.  (Though until it's actually done, anything (read: lack of funding) to halt it won't surprise me).  6 years of construction for 13 miles seems a bit excessive as well.

I also would not be surprised if this is the last new stretch of Mon-Fayette/Southern Beltway project I ever see opened in my lifetime.

And finally, from the end of the release:

--- Quote ---The project cost of roughly $632.5 million, which includes engineering design, property acquisition, utility relocations, construction, construction management and construction inspection services, is to be funded with a mix of state tax revenue, bonding and federal loans; no toll dollars are being spent on the project
--- End quote ---

There is a bit of irony there.... a PTC road is using other funding sources, and NOT toll dollars to be built, while Act 44 forces the PTC to hand over large sums of toll revenue every year to be used on non-PTC roads.


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