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does anyone recognize this Mississippi location?



the building should be distinctive enough.  It's in a Mississippi city with at least two US and one state route running through it ... note the white sign at bottom left, which likely says something similar to "COLORED MARKERS THROUGH (CITY)". 

if we could figure out what the three routes are, that would give us more info about the colored shield system in Mississippi.

No but I recognize that 1956 Buick.  I also see a couple of 55-56 Fords.

Hattiesburg, Meridian, and Jackson are the only places I can think of with buildings that tall. So I will take a wild guess and say that it is the burg with U.S. 11 & 49 and some state route

It's the Lauderdale County Courthouse in Meridian.  The sign Cody mentions is on 6th St as one heads east.

A few anomalies, though:

First, that section of street would have been a quadriplex, as US 11, US 45, US 80, and MS 19 all multiplexed along a short stretch of 6th St.

Second, I'm not certain if US 11/US 80/MS 19 turned onto 21st Ave (the street in front of the courthouse), or onto 20th Ave (behind the courthouse).

Either way, US 11/US 80/MS 19 were relocated onto Tom Bailey Dr (present-day I-20/59) in 1950, so if bugo's dating of the cars is correct, only US 45 would be following 6th St in the photo there.

there may be BUSINESS banners on top in black on white that I can't see from there, so even if the routes were relocated onto the freeway, the old alignments still may be in force.  Also, it may just be a general guide sign, far away from any actual alignments, to just note how the roads go if you happen to stumble onto one.

so the triangle is likely 19; the question is, how to distribute "11, 45, 80" onto two colors! 


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