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No more I-375? Detroit to study removing freeway in favor of walkable surface street

"The City of Detroit and the Michigan Department of Transportation have formed a committee with local stakeholders, including development agencies and downtown employers, to study transforming I-375 into a surface street."

"With the 50-year-old freeway and the bridges that cross it probably needing upgrades or repairs sooner or later, fans of walkable downtowns say removing expressways are a big plus."

Changed title so that replies show that replacing I-375 with an at-grade boulevard moved forward
- Alex

Did Nordquist become mayor there at some point?  :eyebrow: :happy:

MDOT's been looking at this since April (Crain's Detroit Business published an article on it back then), but now they're advancing the study to include various businesses in the area, like GM, and other groups on both sides of the issue.

Stephane Dumas:
I saw some discussions about it on DetroitYes and City-Data

One guy on City-Data DTWFlyer suggested the following:

--- Quote ---No one project will be the panacea for Detroit.

Again, MDOT is exploring all options for what to do with I-375. Doing nothing is not an option, as in the very near future MDOT will be forced to either reconstruct, tear-down, or close many of the bridges over I-375 since they are becoming structurally defecent.
Options include:
1) Reconstruct as-is
2) Reconfigure / redesign into a blvd

Traffic flows, cost, and future development all factor into this analysis.

If it is cheaper to turn I-375 into a surface road, and it has a neglible impact on traffic flow to/from/around the downtown area, and it opens up additional areas for future development, and better connects neighborhoods east of I-375 to the downtown core, then it sounds like a win-win proposal.

Personally, I would like if they did the following:
- Reconfigure the I-75/I-375 interchange to allow for better through traffic on I-75 and eliminate some of the loop-ramps
- Eliminate the unnecessary loop ramps from WB Gratiot extension to SB I-375
- Transition I-375 from a highway to a surface street to an at-grade intersection at Gratiot (if possible) or by Lafayette.
- T-intersection with Jefferson, elimating the massive fotress-like width of Jefferson just east of the Ren-Cen

--- End quote ---

DTWFlyer got a interesting point about the I-75/I-375 interchange and we mentionned that interchange in another thread. ;);topicseen#msg113463

Because those abandoned buildings on the east side of I-375 generate so much foot traffic...



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