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Detroit - Removal of I-375

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Might draw this one out at some point...

I would approve of the I-375 relinquishment and conversion to surface boulevard only if they agree to concessions for the northward completion of the I-275 route (north of I-696) to I-75 north of Detroit. This route is needed but cuts through some very affluent areas. If the Detrioters  want a walkable downtown then they can make some concessions. I would even support conversion the south segment of M-10 freeway in downtown Detroit to a surface boulevard as well if they agree to the concessions. This project could also be paid for by a north of 8 Mile property tax surcharge of 1%. Ok its a pipe dream. But also conversion of the freeway to surface boulevard is a very costly project for a city that is bankrupt and a state DOT that is financially strapped.


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I don't see this changing anything.

I believe that M-DOT should pick the cheapest possible option here.  Boulevard conversion won't convert this neighbrhood into a desirable location, but if it's cheaper than a complete rebuild and it would be unsafe to just leave it alone, then by all means convert it to a boulevard.


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