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I heard that on I-95 in port saint lucy, florida. there is a new exit 120 on the build. does anybody know what is the road's name?

Couldn't find it on any maps or satellite images. Could be SW Juliet Ave.

The only thing I could find on this project can be found here.  There are apparently two studies, one for Crosstown Parkway and I-95 and one for Becker Road and I-95.  There is a lot to read about these projects on their website.  If you know if they have actually started construction, let us know, we'd like to hear about it!!

I was visiting South Florida in October and took the SR 869 for the first time in years.  I noticed they posted "old" and "new" exit numbers then.  Didn't pay much attention to it at the time, but noticed all my 2008 Florida/Broward Co maps had the old numbers.  I decided to drive it and sent an email to the Public Relations lady at the Turnpike to confirm.  The new exit numbers are shown on this .pdf, with the exception of the Florida's Turnpike exit listed as 21A (South) and 21B (North):

i think its Crosstown Parkway because when i was driving home from Port Saint Lucie last Sunday, i saw exit 120 sign with cross and then covered by a black thingy. so crosstown parkway may be it.


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