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I-61...anything new?

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golden eagle:

--- Quote from: Stephane Dumas on September 04, 2009, 07:09:29 PM ---I spotted on MS DOT, the project study of a relief route known as MS-601 who's planned to be a full freeway, maybe I-61 could be part of it

--- End quote ---

Thanks for finding that! From what I can recall, the Gulfport-to-Wiggins link is expected to be the first leg of the future I-61. I haven't heard of any concrete plans for anything north of Wiggins.  

why not call it I-63?  Miss has US-61 as a very prominent route, so to have both US-61 and I-61 would be a clash.

even a southern segment of I-57 would make more sense.

I-63 (or I-61 for that matter) is being touted for the proposed West Alabama Interstate (the one that, as proposed, would generally parallel US 43).

What makes even more sense as an Interstate number is an odd I-x55...

golden eagle:
That'd be a long 3-digit interstate.

An even-numbered I-x55 would make more sense since it would bypass having to meet I-55 in Louisiana. Kind of like I-675 in Atlanta providing an easier jaunt onto I-285 for interests on I-20 eastbound.


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