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Aren’t the new mile based supposed to be installed on I-84? This should be Exit 63.

Also considering exit numbers on I-84 in the Hartford area are high, this means that I-84 ain’t far behind I-95 in a race for closest interchanges on a freeway.


--- Quote from: roadman65 on November 20, 2023, 10:05:44 AM ---
Aren’t the new mile based supposed to be installed on I-84? This should be Exit 63.

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Not for a while yet.  The long-distance interstates will the the last routes in CT to be converted.

The Ghostbuster:
Actually, that exit will probably be numbered Exit 66 (or 67) in the future. It has been predicted that Interstate 84 will get new numbers in 2028, but actual exit renumbering haven't exactly occurred on the predetermined dates, but it probably will be a few years from now.

The I-84 WB aux lane between Exit 22 and Exit 21 is now open.

Here's a pic from a year ago.  Yes, in this pic it was almost complete, yet it took about a year to open it.

Drivers around here are upset, the ramp from CT-8 NB to I-84 EB is closed long-term for the third time.  This time was supposed to be only 6 weeks starting in August and it is closed b/c they have to pave the I-84 mainline.  The ramp itself is fine.  Why it can't be open until the final repaving is beyond me. When people comment on the rehab project FB page asking questions, some admin of the page deletes them.

Then, they said there would be 2 weekend closures of all but one lane on two weekends for waterproofing and final repaving.  They said it had to be done in the daylight hours b/c of dew points and the material setting right.  They did the first weekend fine and abruptly cancelled the second scheduled weekend. They say it'll just be done during night construction hours. 

Sooooooooooooo, what about the dew point explanation?  Did the work really had to be done during the day? or are they just not doing the waterproofing part and doing it at night?  (this is also why the ramp is closed between all this, although the ramp is fine and the mainline is driven over even though the pavement is uneven)

West Hartford would, of course, be one of the first towns to jump on Connecticut's legalization of photo enforcement.

tl;dr: West Hartford, arguably the most car-hostile town in the Hartford metro area, has filed the paperwork to introduce 15 red-light and speed cameras.

I'm not necessarily opposed to photo enforcement when proper safeguards are in place...and it looks like CT's trying to pursue those safeguards (proper signage, only in areas with demonstrated need, human review before tickets issued, not recorded on MVR, steps taken to protect privacy).   But West Hartford has annoyed me since I moved to the area.  I respect their efforts to be more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, but given the town's location and the issues with crossing the metro area in a car....


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