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The Future of US 12 in Wisconsin

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I really doubt there will by a bypass of Sauk City in the near future. But I could see the remaining 2 lane portion upgraded. Aside from that I would not expect many changes to US 12 in the next 10 years or so. What I would like to see is an interchange built at hwy K in Dane County but that's about it.

I also think looking at some improvements between Madison and Fort Atkinson make sense.  I don't know if this would be addressed when they look at the I-39/90 interchange, but the Millpond Road and County AB intersections just east of the interchange are terrible. 

The Ghostbuster:
I will take a wait-and-see approach, though I believe the assessments of the other posters are likely to be accurate.

Other than building a Sauk City bypass, I think the US 12 corridor is fine as it is. The corridor does not need to be a freeway from the state line to Madison as previously proposed, since FAP 420 will never be built. With the lack of transportation funding, WisDOT needs to focus on fixing and upgrading existing routes as opposed to building new.


--- Quote from: peterj920 on August 20, 2017, 11:26:42 PM ---In the majors project report, US 12 between Elkhorn and Whitewater is being looked at as a major project candidate.  Whitewater is now the largest city without a 4 lane highway connection, so there may be a push to include the city to Wisconsin's freeway/expressway network.  That was the argument that Marshfield made for upgrading US 10.  I have a link to the report below.

--- End quote ---

As a result, they wasted a ton of $$$ on building that US 10 Marshfield spur and it really wasn't necessary. You can't continue to make that argument forever, otherwise, WisDOT will be building four lane highways up the wazoo. Any four lane from Elkhorn to Whitewater will serve primarily local traffic, since it will not connect to anything regional. Since traffic counts really don't justify four lanes from Fort Atkinson to Elkhorn, I'd rather just have WisDOT improve the existing route and call it a day.


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