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Had a farmer friend from Wyoming that called Eastern farmers lazy because they could rely upon rain.  I told him planting where it doesn't rain just sounded stupid.


--- Quote ---Salt Lake City actually has too much rain to be classified as even semi-arid. They put Salt Lake in the hot-summer humid continental climate zone, which is the same zone as Chicago.
--- End quote ---

That's interesting.  I didn't know that.

That being said, I'd take an 86 degree day in SLC over one in Chicago!  Holy cow that city gets muggy in the summertime.

US 89:
From the UDOT Blog:

--- Quote ---The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) announced today that major construction is now complete on four new interchanges along Bangerter Highway, and a project to build the next three interchanges at 6200 South, 10400 South, and 12600 South, will begin in 2020.

All lanes and ramps have now opened at the interchanges on Bangerter Highway at 5400 South, 7000 South, 9000 South, and 11400 South. Occasional short-term lane closures are expected during non-commute hours for the next several weeks as crews work to complete landscaping, striping, and other small details at the new interchanges.

The project to build these four interchanges is part of an ongoing effort to improve traffic on Bangerter Highway and meet the growing transportation needs of western Salt Lake County. UDOT has now replaced stoplights on Bangerter Highway with freeway-style interchanges, including on- and off-ramps, at seven locations (interchanges at 600 West, Redwood Road, and 7800 South were completed prior to this project).
To continue this effort, UDOT today announced that work to build new interchanges at 6200 South, 10400 South, and 12600 South will start in 2020. Previously, the interchanges at 10400 South and 12600 South were scheduled for construction beginning in 2022, but funds were transferred from other projects to complete these interchanges sooner.

In 2019, crews will relocate a section of the Jordan Aqueduct near 6200 South from under Bangerter Highway to west of the highway, prior to the start of major construction on the interchange itself. A similar relocation was completed near 5400 South in 2016.

During construction of the four interchanges, UDOT crews:

Worked nearly 290,000 man-hours
Placed 16 miles of concrete safety barrier and 10 miles of drainage pipe
Excavated or placed 2.2 million tons of dirt
Built seven new bridges and a new pedestrian overpass
Reduced planned full closures of Bangerter Highway by 75 percent (the project had planned to use up to 24 full closures, but only needed six)
--- End quote ---

This also means four new numbered exits from Bangerter: 11400 South is Exit 8, 9000 South is Exit 11, and 7000 South is Exit 14. I haven’t been able to find confirmation for 5400 South, but I’m placing my bet on 16.

I’m sure if I lived in salt lake I wouldn’t be saying this, but...
NOO!! NOT 4100!!! It’s likr the only full CFI in existence!!!!

I'm gonna have to find some time to drive all of these. I like the 114th South interchange the most, just looks so clean and compact, with unique, separate mast arms for the SPUI (which I've seen all the time in Las Vegas but never in SLC).


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