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I-64/I-75 widening in Lexington

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Georgia Guardrail:
Checking in on my hometown of LEX re: I-64/I-75 widening project.

Are they going to physically widen the freeway or are they just going to restripe it to more narrower lanes so it won't have any ROW impacts?  It seems they may at least widen the Newtown Pike bridge.  Don't know about the Broadway bridge though.  Anybody have any insight on this project?

I am seeing 4 proposed 12 foot travel lanes on the typical section so there is definitely not a narrowing of lanes.

Great Lakes Roads:
The existing left shoulders on that section of I-64/I-75 are around 16-17 feet, so the proposed inside shoulders are fine at 10 feet.

I’m thinking the Bryan Station, Russell Cave, and Georgetown overpasses may need to be rebuilt to accommodate the new lanes and maintain consistent shoulder widths.  Would also be a good opportunity to build wider bridges for all or most of those roads as well.  I’m thinking Bryan Station and Georgetown could use additional lanes, and possibly an interchange for Bryan Station.

Georgia Guardrail:
I know they want to widen Georgetown Road from New Circle Road to Ironworks Pike so they'll have to replace the bridges over the northern split.

I think it would be cool if they added a CD ramp from the northern split to Newtown Pike because so many people get off of that exit and this would help redirect traffic off of I-64 W and I-75 S.

Below is a link to a picture of my idea.  May be hard to route a CD ramp under the northern split railroad bridge over I-64 though.


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