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I-64/I-75 widening in Lexington

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Great project. This section gets iffy during weekends/holidays.

--- Quote from: Great Lakes Roads on July 20, 2022, 06:27:41 PM ---The existing left shoulders on that section of I-64/I-75 are around 16-17 feet, so the proposed inside shoulders are fine at 10 feet.

--- End quote ---

Did you mean 4 feet? Either way looks like the KYTC are going to have to widen to the outside a bit.

^I saw 10 feet when I relooked at the proposed typical section.

Oh ok, I missed that somehow.


--- Quote from: wriddle082 on July 20, 2022, 07:58:49 PM ---I’m thinking the Bryan Station, Russell Cave, and Georgetown overpasses may need to be rebuilt to accommodate the new lanes and maintain consistent shoulder widths.  Would also be a good opportunity to build wider bridges for all or most of those roads as well.  I’m thinking Bryan Station and Georgetown could use additional lanes, and possibly an interchange for Bryan Station.

--- End quote ---

They're probably approaching the age where rebuilds would be justified even if no widening was occurring, especially since they weren't rebuilt when the route was originally widened from two to three lanes.

A KY 57 (Bryan Station) interchange is probably not feasible due to the proximity of the southern split. The merge lanes from I-64 west run out pretty close to that bridge.

I just want a dedicated lane from Newtown Pike to Paris Pike.



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