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Addresses in New England - what's the highest you've seen? Any 5-digit ones?

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From the trips we've taken to New England (as well as subsequent Street View journeys in the region), here's one thing I know about it: by and large, the addresses work a little differently there compared to other regions of the country. Instead of being based on a street grid, the address numbers on most streets and roads in New England just start at zero and increase from there, as is done in Europe. (It's befitting of the region's colonial heritage; after all, it has "England" right in the name!)

That being said, I want to know: have you seen any 5-digit address numbers in New England? If not, what is the highest number you have seen? I'm pretty sure there are no 5-digit address numbers in New England even on rural highways - the kind of roads where 5-digit numbers are very common here in the Midwest, either based on the street grid of a nearby city or some arbitrary baseline at the county line. In New England, on the other hand, addresses on rural roads either start at the town line (that is, reset to zero) or they increase going outward from the town center; in those instances, the addresses will start going down again upon crossing the town line. What's more, the addresses on these roads often increase rather slowly (at least, that's what I remember from experience), and in a number of towns, the house numbers along the road barely reach 1000 (or even 500) before reaching the town line.

Of course, in the denser urban areas, where there are more properties - and thus more addresses - along a given road, four-digit numbers are somewhat more common; even so, addresses above 3000 are almost unheard of. The only ones that I can think of are Washington Street in Boston, as well as Boston Road, which carries US 20 in Wilbraham, MA, east of Springfield; the latter is cheating somewhat, as it continues the addresses from Springfield instead of resetting at the town line. I can't imagine where you would find addresses above 4000, let alone 5000 - to say nothing of 5 digits - short of some arbitrarily high number being slapped upon some suburban MetroWest office building west of Boston.

(I should note that in the aforementioned paragraphs, I was thinking about southern New England - Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island - in particular. I can't really speak for New Hampshire or Maine, but as for Vermont, I do remember seeing some addresses in the 7000 range along US 7 south of Bennington, right as you cross into the state heading north from Williamstown, MA. Aside from that, I am interested in finding out what the largest address numbers in New England - especially in CT, MA, and RI - might be. I can't wait to hear more!)

5 digit addresses do exist in Massachusetts, but they’re not that common. Boston goes up well into 4 digits, but I’ve personally never seen 5 digits.

jp the roadgeek:
Highest I can think of in my area of CT is Whitney Ave in Hamden just before the Cheshire town line.  The numbers start in downtown New Haven and continue into Hamden, including the portion that is CT 10. They get up to almost 4500.  Highest single town example I can think of is Main St in Hartford, which gets close to 3600. 

EDIT: Main St in Trumbull has numbers approaching 7200, as they continue the numbers from Bridgeport’s Main St up to where it meets the end of the expressway portion of CT 25, then onto CT 25 to the Monroe town line.

I can vouch that NJ also generally starts at zero, so it's far from only a New England thing. It's at least the greater Northeast (including Mid-Atlantic).


--- Quote from: Alps on July 21, 2022, 11:45:20 PM ---I can vouch that NJ also generally starts at zero, so it's far from only a New England thing. It's at least the greater Northeast (including Mid-Atlantic).

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MD has very high addresses.


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