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June 17th 2023 Potential Little Rock, AR Road Meet

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I have thought of an idea for a potential road meet that could happen next year: Little Rock, AR. There is a major project there to rebuild the I-30 corridor through North Little Rock and downtown Little Rock. Other potential attractions (in my mind) would be the I-430/I-630 interchange, various pedestrian crossings of the Arkansas River, and the completed US 67/167 rebuild in part of Jacksonville.

I am not very familiar with Little Rock, but if I get the opportunity to scout it prior to summer 2023, I could potentially host it. Admittedly, this would be a little bit out of my comfort zone since it is a city I don't know a whole lot about and it's six hours away from where I live.

Is there any interest in a meet there?

Yes, there is (at least from me).

I'm interested, but I already have a long trip based in Florida in March 2023 so I am unsure of the chances of my attendance.

Maybe I need my sister to convince me to visit her husband's family in Texas.   ;-)

Count me in! Just a 3 hour drive for me, and I am quasi-familiar with LR.


--- Quote from: cjk374 on August 23, 2022, 04:02:03 PM ---Count me in! Just a 3 hour drive for me, and I am quasi-familiar with LR.

--- End quote ---

Since you are kind of familiar with LR, would you know of some good places for us to eat for lunch?

The more I think about this, the more I see this working. I'd like to focus on the crossings of the Arkansas River (three pedestrian crossings, including one across a dam) as well as explore the area around the I-430/630 interchange since there is what appears to be a park-and-ride lot right there.


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