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--- Quote from: ran4sh on August 17, 2023, 01:04:49 PM ---Has anyone else noticed that the 511GA site now shows mile markers on the map, and in the case of state routes, the mileage doesn't reset at county lines? Maybe Georgia will start to change the actual mile markers posted

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Possibly; our counties are small enough that 911/511 operators may have trouble uniquely identifying crash locations and the like. It would make some sense to use statewide mileage now that GDOT seems to be installing enhanced location signs on at least some projects (like GA 96 in Houston County).

Yesterday I noticed that the erroneous signage westbound on GA 316 approaching the Sugarloaf Parkway-Harbins Road exit has been corrected. I don't get over that way much-- the corrected signs are on Streetview from June 2023. Basically, the earlier signs tried to illustrate what lane to be in for the ramp split beyond the exit, but screwed up the lane assignments in doing so. Also, in posting about it on Facebook, I discovered that a substantial proportion of people read the earlier legend as "Sugarloaf Harbins/Parkway Road," thereby failing at its intended purpose.

First sign, first try. It indicates that only one lane continues on the mainline.

First sign, second try. It's noncompliant with the MUTCD, but at least it's not flat-out wrong. I find this scheme to be intuitive and hence easy to understand, but there's a substantial proportion of the motoring public whose brains go tilt when they see a vertical separator line directly over an arrow, whether it's a down arrow like this or an up arrow on an APL.

Second sign, first try. The center arrow is a split arrow with the straight side greened out. What a masterpiece. :clap:

Second sign, second try. Now it's a normal APL. It's compliant, but there might be last-second lane changes by people who don't realize until the next overhead that they need to get out of the right lane to get on Sugarloaf. Too bad schemes like this are now considered hopelessly confusing.  :spin:


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--- Quote from: sprjus4 on June 25, 2023, 06:17:21 AM ---In any case, wouldn’t it be easier to open any other E-ZPass account is surrounding states to get around this issue, until hard case is offered?

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Well there's no confirmation that hard case is ever going to be offered by Peach Pass. The website says that the interoperability is coming soon for the rest of the E-ZPass region, without specifying how it is going to happen.

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My understanding is that this will be accomplished via the individual EZ-Pass IAG members adding multi-protocol RFID tag readers that support SeGo and 6C in addition to the original TDM protocol as part of their regular equipment upgrades at their toll collection facilities. Interoperability with the IAG will need to be enabled on a per-agency basis because it requires the home agency (the issuer of the tags, so PeachPass in this instance) to accept the IAG's standardized transaction control format into their billing systems.

I have not seen any indication that GDOT will be installing any TDM readers on its facilities so I am left to assume there will not be any reciprocity with the IAG. My advice to Georgia residents who regularly drive in EZ-Pass territory is to get an NC Quick Pass hard-case transponder (or a FLEX model, which I have) that supports all three protocols and will work along the entire East Coast without potential compatiblity shenanigans.

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My guess is Pennsylvania will accept Peach Pass once it converts to open road tolling over the next few years.  No sense in retrofitting all of the existing toll plazas when they will soon be deactivated and demolished.

The Ghostbuster:
You'd better not speed in Georgia, or it might cost you $1 million:


--- Quote from: The Ghostbuster on October 16, 2023, 06:35:15 PM ---You'd better not speed in Georgia, or it might cost you $1 million:

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Well, no, it won't...


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