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Connecticut milepost exit numbering conversion

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--- Quote from: shadyjay on April 21, 2023, 04:59:24 PM ---State & US Route Expressways:

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You missed one:  CT 2A has already converted

jp the roadgeek:
Other minor routes with added numbers that are mileage based:

CT 82
CT 349
SR 571

SR 796 (Milford Connector) had numbers added a few years ago, but I don’t see them changing for such a short stretch.

Don’t know if the couple of exits on 187/189 will get numbers. 


--- Quote ---Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the exits being renumbered?
A: The exits are being renumbered to conform to Federal standards. Reference location (mileage) based exit numbering is a requirement of the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), Section 2E.31, published by the Federal Highway Administration. The MUTCD is the national standard and is adopted by reference in the Federal Code of Regulations Title 23: Highways Part 655.603.

Q: What are the benefits to a mileage-based exit numbering system?
A: - National Uniformity Same exit numbering system as almost every other state. - Driver friendly navigation Allows drivers to quickly determine distances to destinations Easier to calculate miles traveled - More accurate emergency response Improves reporting of highway incidents, resulting in better navigation of emergency services - Easier to add future exits without renumbering entire corridor

Q: Which highways will get new exit numbers?
A: All limited access roadways within the State will be renumbered to mileage-based numbering as required by the Federal Highway Administration.

Q: When will new signs be installed on my route?
A: New exit numbers will be provided when signs are replaced in corridor sign projects. Projects are programmed based on need when signs reach or exceed their useful service life. The list below includes major routes only and the year is the approximate construction completion year. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

- CT-2: 2024 (Currently in Construction — State Project 0172-0490)
- CT-8: 2025
- CT-9: 2022 (Currently in Construction — State Projects 0007-0189/0171-0425 & 0172-0473)
- CT-15: 2025
- I-84: 2028
- I-91: 2027
- I-95: 2029
- I-291: 2025
- I-384: 2026
- I-395: Completed 2015
- I-691: 2023 (Currently in Construction — State Project 0079-0244)

Q: Will there be an Exit 0?
A: No. The Federal Highway Administration allows Exit 0 but does not require its use. CTDOT
has decided not to use Exit 0 to reduce potential confusion.

Q: How are the new exit numbers determined?
A: Exit numbers will be determined based on the mileage contained in the CTDOT Linear
Referencing System. Mileage typically runs from south to north and west to east.
- No Exit 0
- Mileage 0.00 — 1.49 = Exit 1
- Mileage 1.50 — 2.99 = Exit 2
- Mileage 3.00 — 3.99 and beyond.
+ Round down to the nearest whole mile
- In some cases, the CTDOT may round up or down to the next nearest whole mile to reduce
suffix letters or utilize the existing exit number.
- Splits on off-ramps will not be designated as separate numbers/suffix letters.

Q: Will there be any traffic impacts?
A: We anticipate minimal impact to traffic during construction. The public will be notified in
advance of construction start and CTDOT will use electronic changeable message signs to alert
motorists of lane closures during construction.

Q: How will the program be paid for?
A: The exit numbers will be revised as a component of corridor sign replacement projects.
Renumbering will be implemented over the course of the next 10 years and be paid for by a
mixture of State and Federal funds.

Q: What is CTDOT doing to notify the public of this conversion?
A: The Department issues a press release during the design of the corridor sign replacement
project and at the beginning of the construction phase of the project. The Department also
reaches out to the municipalities directly impacted by the numbering change during the design
process. This communication is to allow the municipality to inform local business and
emergency services of the upcoming change.

Q: How will this impact businesses?
A: “Old Exit #”  signs will be installed and remain in place for a minimum of 2 years, providing
businesses with time to adjust to the new exit numbers and update advertising materials.

Q: What will the new exit signs look like?
A: Exit sign panels will look the same, just the numbers themselves will change. “Old Exit #”
signs, which will have a green background with white lettering, will be installed at key locations
for a minimum of 2 years.

Q: How can I submit my questions?
A: All inquiries relating to exit numbering should be sent to with
the subject line Exit Numbering.
--- End quote ---

jp the roadgeek:
Looks like CTDOT finally updated the map for exits, adding I-691, along with the recently announced I-384 and US 6.  But wait, there's more: I-291, and the whole CT 2/3/11/Glastonbury 17 exits project.

I-691 looks like this (the 66 Exits are both Exit 1)

Exit 11 > Exit 1A
Exit 10 > Exit 1B
Exit 9 > Exit 1C
Exit 8 > Exit 2A
Exit 7 > Exit 2B
Exits 6 + 5 > Exit 3
Exit 4 > Exit 5
Exit 3 > Exit 7
Exit 2 > Exit 8A
Exit 1 > Exit 8B

UPDATE: 691 East is done already.  Got on at old Exit 4 and this was the next sign I saw:

They’ll probably do westbound tonight, as a backward glance saw the old numbers still up

I-691 West is done... drove it today. 

Since I-691 was done in 2 nights and done with overlays (since the signs are getting replaced this year anyway), there's no reason why ConnDOT couldn't do what Mass did and overlay new exit numbers on each of the state's highways and get the whole state converted in a year (or less).  Granted there's a lot of overheads to change, but when Mass changed, all of their primary guide signs are all overhead.  And there's only one road where 3-digit numbers would be used, but that would only require replacing exit tabs for 3 or 4 exits. 

I bet if they really wanted to, they could get I-84, I-91, and I-95 fully converted over in a month each.  And maybe even less time for I-95 if they don't mess with the numbers west of New Haven. 


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