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US-287 between Fort Worth (and Ennis) and Wichita Falls if not Amarillo thread

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Bellevue concrete wall extension

TXDOT has an upcoming public hearing for road resurfacing and concrete barrier extension in Bellevue.   It's a pity a bypass isn't being investigated.

Woo hoo. More concrete Jersey barrier segments. Yeah, that'll make me want to hang a hard turn off US-287 to gas-up at prices 30¢ per gallon higher than stores in Wichita Falls.

I'm kind of surprised Bellevue hasn't dried up in the years since the porno video store on the West side of town closed. Not that the video store was a major employer. The town doesn't look like it's adding any new residents and the people still living there are getting older and older.

I could understand TX DOT playing a waiting game with Bellevue (wait until enough residents die off so an Interstate upgrade can more cheaply plow straight thru). But it looks more like TX DOT isn't even looking at that corridor at all.

According to the census numbers of Wikipedia, you are correct.

Historical population
Census   Pop.   Note   %±
1910   699      —
1920   782      11.9%
1930   546      −30.2%
1940   503      −7.9%
1950   418      −16.9%
1960   309      −26.1%
1970   323      4.5%
1980   352      9.0%
1990   333      −5.4%
2000   386      15.9%
2010   362      −6.2%
2019 (est.)   347   [2]   −4.1%

I don't know how Bellevue manages to still have a public school. Not only that, the school has been undergoing a major renovation lately. As small as Bellevue is I would have figured any school age kids would be forced to attend schools in either Bowie or Henrietta. That may eventually happen.

Either way, I think an expansion of US-287 to Interstate standards thru Bellevue on the existing alignment is definitely do-able. There isn't a lot of available space between the highway and the BNSF freight rail tracks. Property by the Southbound lanes would have to be acquired.

The properties next to the faux frontage road look like they could be bought and cleared pretty easily. The few homes next to the highway look like they're ready for the wrecking ball. The owners might welcome being bought out. The commercial businesses could likely re-build with the money they're given. An Interstate quality upgrade and visual facelift along the new frontage roads could potentially help reverse the town's steady decline.

It would probably be less expensive for TX DOT to upgrade US-287 straight through Bellevue on the existing alignment rather than build a new terrain bypass around town.

Plutonic Panda:
I had no idea Texas was this serious about it becoming an interstate. Are we thinking I-18? This would be welcome.


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