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I did the math, and with the current toll increases and proposed rates to drive in midtown Manhattan next year,  a commuter from Elizabeth NJ to Midtown would pay approximately $85 in tolls in total to commute both ways. (Using the Optimal Route of I-278/Battery tunnel) With 20 work days a month at least, that's $1700 a month in tolls. That's like paying a 2nd rent! Insane.

Also, I think the plan will end up pushing alot of traffic that normally takes the tunnels up north to the GWB, creating an even worse traffic nightmare than there already is. It may even worsen Staten Island traffic as it will be cheaper than the tunnels + congestion fee combined. Though I wouldn't call $39.38 cheap either.

I live in Brooklyn NYC, and was actually curious if there were forums about these topics.

The Ghostbuster:
I know many are not happy with the congestion pricing plan. However, I believe that if there is anywhere in the country where a congestion pricing plan might work, it would be in New York City (and especially Manhattan). I only wish that the funds for the congestion pricing plan would go to maintaining the city's streets, freeways, and parkways, not to prop up the mass transit system.

I agree the money should go toward the roads. The traffic has really become a nightmare in the last few years. Drives in gridlock that used to take maybe 45 min now take a solid 2-3 hours. Never saw so much black and red on Google maps in my life. One thing they never made clear though was how exactly the west side highway and fdr drives would be affected.

I'd like more effort to be put into addressing traffic levels in the NYC metro area....but realistically, I'm not certain there's much that can be done (at least not without horrifically expensive property acquisition that will only boost the ranks of regional NIMBYs) aside from various measures to incent more people to switch to transit.

There isn't much that can be done. The roads are in horrible condition and it's like the number of cars on the road tripled. Traffic jams exist where you've never seen them before. The red and black on the map extends 50+ miles from the city in every direction. The reducing of the BQE by a lane was an absolute disaster. Between Hamilton Ave and Atlantic Ave it can take 40 min, that's an average speed of less than 1 mph. I've sometimes been on my phone at midnight to see that stretch still black.


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