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YouTube's algorithm scored a hit for me recently.  GBH in Boston is in the middle of a podcast run about the entire history of the Central Artery project.

They go back to the deepest roots of it all spending the entire first episode talking about Boston's freeway plans and subsequent public opposition just to lay the groundwork for the actual project.  Pretty interesting stuff, even if you know the cliff notes version of how it all went down.

If you're watching it on video, much of the each episode is just talking over B-roll of vintage Boston since it's primarily an audio piece, but there's still interesting visuals sprinkled in.  I could go for more maps, of course, so I was at some points, pulling up maps in a browser tab for reference.

Obviously the Big Dig is 'ancient' history at this point, but having the whole timeline meticulously laid out like this and explained for non-roadgeeks is quite interesting.  Would recommend.

Episode 1 also appeared as part of the 99% Invisible podcast.

The Ghostbuster:
Too bad it will never happen again in this country. I'm sure there are other inner-city freeways that would have benefited from having a "big dig". Including some that weren't constructed.

I dunno, it happened in Seattle, and that wasn't ancient history.

It's good background on what makes megaprojects of its ilk (California high-speed rail, Seattle's tunnels, etc) both so rare and so expensive.

The podcast's insight into the characters involved in the project both inside and outside government makes it a valuable resource. Boston was ahead of its time in experiencing both the positives and negatives of downtown highways, and it just happened to catch the right window of opportunity to get the project funded and pulled off.


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