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I-69/US-59 construction work at Corrigan, Diboll, Lufkin, and Nacogdoches


All in one thread, specifically for these sections progress in East Texas

Looking and guessing who has done the most progress and could be done the soonest: Nacogdoches > Lufkin > Diboll > Corrigan

The Corrigan bypass is in the early stages of construction. ROW clearing is visible in Google Earth imagery dated 8/2023. The Diboll bypass is farther along. Again, 8/2023 imagery in Google Earth shows the progress.

It looks like it's going to take several years to get the I-69 segment in Lufkin finished. US-59 South of Lufkin needs a lot of work (and a good number of properties removed). There is a lot of at-grade driveways onto the main lanes of the loop around Lufkin. Most of the work currently in progress is along the North side of the loop and US-59 going North out of Lufkin.

Nacogdoches is a big project too. A lot has been done on the South portion of the project. Overall, it's in the same level of progress as Lufkin, five or more years from being finished.


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