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Favorite odd numbered highway between 43 and 77

Started by bugo, June 01, 2009, 03:19:27 AM

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What is your favorite odd-numbered highway between 43 and 77?


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CA 49, through the California Gold Country.


uncontrollable freak sardine salad chef


who is Numberwang?  Sounds like a superhero worth meeting.
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Steve is ahead on fifty-three and Jake trails on eighty-six. Yes, it all comes down to this; it's time for Wangernumb, let's rotate the board!!!!

uncontrollable freak sardine salad chef


in Northeast Texas near the town of DeKalb, there is a Farm-to-Market road with an interesting number ... FM 1701.


hmm, US-86 is a perfectly good highway that's between 43 and 77.  86 is an odd number.  A very odd odd number indeed.  An even number.
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Hey, It's odd, and it's parent is between 43 and 77 :P
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Quote from: Master son on June 04, 2009, 04:10:38 PM

Hey, It's odd, and it's parent is between 43 and 77 :P

Well, I like its parent, I-71.
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Definitely going down on I-69, if you get what I'm saying...  :-D


These are my favorite highways between 43-77.
1) I-75 : I have been on that highway many times all the way from South Florida to Sault Ste Marie.
2) US 45 in Ontonagon County, Mi.: Nice scenery.
3) Interstates 55 & 57 in Illinois. They both take you where you want to go the fastest and quickest.
4) M-43: It's actually a direct route from Kalamazoo to South Haven.
5) Florida 61: Go Noles!
6) M-59: Another direct route from Howell to Mt. Clemens.
7) Interstate 65: Goes to Indy, Chicago, Nashville, Louisville, and Birmingham.
8) Interstate 43: Great route from Milwaukee to Green Bay.

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