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Here's a good topic to talk about. There are several odd things that the RM Road Atlas seems to note that are inaccurate.  examples:

* There is a freeway bypass around Nashua NH that was noted as "Under Construction" for decades.  But is it really even there?
* A stretch of WIS 17 near Rhinelander is noted as Multilane divided - though it's been forever two-lane
* part of US 151 between Dickeyville and Platteville, WI is noted as two-lane.  It's been four-lane since 2005
* Lettered highways (Missouri supplemental and WIS CTHs) have always been noted specifically as "County Trunk Highways" in the general legend, contradicting the Missouri purpose (and why don't these fall into the blanket rectangular notation since several county and secondary routes have letters involved.
What else is there?


--- Quote from: Master son on February 11, 2009, 10:28:48 AM ---There is a freeway bypass around Nashua NH that was noted as "Under Construction" for decades.  But is it really even there?
--- End quote ---
Can't really think of any oddities save this one, which is the first thing that popped into my head reading the thread title. That damn beltway is already shown as "proposed" in the oldest RMcN I have, and that one's from 1979! 3 decades of not making it past planning stage, halleluja  :rolleyes: .

And the only part that is there is around 1 mile of the "Circumferential Highway" linking US-3 with Lowell road, with an interchange Daniel Webster Highway. But IIRC, that part has been that way since at least 2 decades already as well...

Couple of things I noticed in Mississippi.

Google Earth shows a D'Iberville - Saucier limited access highway under construction, not to find in the RandMcNally atlas 2009. A spur leading to Gulfport is also not on the map.

There's some kind of limited access highway under construction near State Line, not shown on the map.

Revive 755:
I haven't seen a 2009 version, but they used to always used to mess up around downtown St. Louis.  First they would show a ramp from EB I-44 to Lafayette Avenue that was supposed to be built for MO 755, but the actual design has the ramp sharing the bridge over WB I-44 with the Lafayette (now SB Truman) ramp to SB I-55.  In addition, they have the various levels of the I-44/I-55 interchange wrong.  The second major error around downtown St. Louis involves the partially constructed interchange for US 40 and MO 755.  They don't show the ramp from what would have been SB MO 755 to EB US 40, nor the ramp from WB US 40 to Market Street.  They do show how the completed MO 755/Chestnut Street/Pine Street interchange would have looked, a phantom EB US 40 to SB 755 ramp, a phantom NB 755 to WB US 40 ramp, and viaducts for 755 extending south of US 40 across the railyards that end  at Gratiot Street.

Then there are the freeways shown in outstate Missouri that aren't quite freeway grade, which if I remember right, were US 24/US 61 through Palmyra (on MoDOT's wishlist), US 54 around Fulton (almost but has a couple driveways), US 67 around the Park Hills/Farmington Area (currently being upgraded from expressway grade with stoplights), and part of the MO 32 bypass for Park Hills (has a few stoplights at the US 67 interchange).  They also had the MO 141 freeway extending too far south of US 40 in some editions.  Then there are a couple of freeways in Missouri they don't show, such as US 61 around La Grange and Canton, and the MO 21/Blood Alley replacement freeway.

My gripe with the Rand McNally atlas is that Ohio's cities just never get enough love.  Cleveland now shows as a 'metro area,' but the map isn't any larger.

And the shift after '92 when they changed to the new style of symbols did knock down a number of city insets to not show nearly as much detail...something that still hasn't been fixed (Philly, Pittsburgh, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta the ones I can think of off-hand).


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