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2009-10 Minnesota highway map

Started by froggie, July 13, 2009, 11:23:27 AM

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The new 2009-2010 Minnesota state highway map is now on the street, both online at MnDOT's website and in person at various state entities.  I picked up a few copies at MnDOT Headquarters in St. Paul, when I was back home over the weekend.

A few changes/notable comments:

- Uses the same "Explore Minnesota" logo on the front cover as the 2007-08 map.

- The front cover photo is a low-altitude view of downtown Minneapolis, which also shows the 10th Ave Bridge and the new I-35W bridge.

- The back cover shows a graphic about "Navigating Roundabouts in Minnesota".  Likely included due to the recent spate of roundabout construction.

- MN 262 is gone (removed by the 2007 legislature).

- Still shows MN 290 and MN 293 (both were removed by the 2009 legislature).

- The 4-lane expansion of US 53 north of Virginia (to the Rice River) is shown.

- A CSAH 115, which looks like some sort of southern/western bypass for Hutchinson, is shown.

- The Bigelow Bypass on MN/IA 60 is shown.  On a related note, the short stretch of IA 60 that appears on the Minnesota map is shown as 4 lanes.

Some specific comments on the Twin Cities inset map:

- MnDOT is continuing with the large Twin Cities inset that began with the 2007-08 map.  That map's TC inset was expanded to include all of Hennepin County and also parts of Belle Plaine, Monticello, and Big Lake.

- Speaking of Monticello, the relatively new interchange on I-94 at CSAH 18 is still shown with the wrong exit number (it's shows 195, which is the exit number at MN 25).

- The soon-to-open Northstar Commuter Rail line is shown on the Twin Cities inset.

- The US 12 Long Lake bypass is completed (it was shown as under construction in the 2007-08 map).  However, there are two errors noted.  First, as with the 07-08 map, it's shown as divided highway, when it's really a Super-2.  Second, the half-interchange to Wayzata Blvd at the east end is missing from the map.

- Old US 12 through Long Lake is shown on the map as CSAH 112, which I have confirmation from the county that it will be once MnDOT completes the turnback process.  However, as of this past weekend it was still not signed as such.

- The US 212 freeway through Chaska is shown as completed.  The old US 212 route will become CSAH 61.  A few CSAH 61 signs existed in Chaska in January.  No CSAH 61 extension signage has shown up in Hennepin County yet as of this past weekend.

- Somewhat related to the US 212 freeway:  Carver CSAH 11 (which is the westernmost interchange on the new US 212 freeway) is shown between CSAH 40 and CR 140, and CR 140 is shown as well.  Neither road was shown on the 2007-08 map.

- The MN 101 interchanges in Otsego are still listed as "under construction", even though they've been completed for some time now.

- On the other side of MN 101, the route is still shown through Chanhassan/Carver County, EXCEPT for the section between Lyman Blvd and MN 5, which is now shown on the map as a county/local road.  This segment was recently upgraded to 4 lanes, one segment as part of the US 212 freeway project, the other as a separate project to make a continuous 4-lane between US 212 and MN 5.  Apparently, carver County found this acceptable enough to take over responsibility for this segment.  If that's the case, there are now 3 discontinous segments of MN 101:  south of Lyman Blvd to the MN River, north of MN 5 to Hennepin County (just west of CSAH 62), and Rogers-Elk River.

- Both MN 120 and MN 244 are still shown.  They were removed by 2001 legislation, but the turnback process has taken some time.  Supposedly this year for MN 244...who knows for MN 120.

- The MN 242 turnback is shown, as is the new interchange at MN 65/CSAH 14 in Blaine (the latter on the Twin Cities inset).

- The MN 280/Larpentur Ave interchange is still shown on the map as a cloverleaf, even though it was converted temporarily to a standard diamond after the 35W bridge collapse, and a project now underway is reconstructing the interchange as a permanent diamond interchange.

- Nowthen (in NW Anoka County), which incorporated in 2008, is shown.

- Meanwhile, in SW Chisago County, Wyoming Township apparently no longer exists, having been split between Wyoming and Chisago City.  This annexation is shown on the map.

- Rogers continues to expand, which makes sense since there's now a joing powers agreement between them and Hassan Township to where eventually all of the township will be annexed by Rogers.


It appears they also have the new US-169 bypass of Bovey (between Grand Rapids & Hibbing) showing as well. Im pleasantly suprised. Figured they would have goofed that new addition.


Wow... that's awful symbology.

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