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What was going on last week?


Apparently someone was posting something forcing the forum offline. I was not aware about the actions of the user. Can anyone clarify?

As I understand it, basically, an old and long-banned user filed a legal thread to AAroads to have all of their posts completely removed from the site, including its databases.

Yeah an old sorehead wanted his posts removed, so that caused catastrophic failure to the site causing it to crash when the administrator removed them.

For the record, the site was up during the entirely of the forum being offline. As in I was able to access the AARoads domain and even the forum, although any page I tried to go to in the forum resulted in the same static message (although the news bit would rotate between the forum taken offline and that "Did you know? Illinois is flat.")

The forum issues were a result of migrating from MySQL to MariaDB - anyone technically inclined might know that database migrations are hardly flawless.

Check this thread if you're moribally curious!

(If I missed some lame joke here, then... sorry. Just trying to help answer OP's question.)


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