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This article indicates that the grading projects around Union City should be completed in early summer 2012 and that some projects on I-69/I-240 in Memphis should be let later this year:

--- Quote ---Construction on Interstate-69 is now under way in the Union City/Obion County area and is expected to be completed next year, according to Bill Revell, Tennessee chairman (and vice-president) of the Interstate-69 Coalition.
“Construction is expected to be completed on the four-mile SIU [Section of Independent Utility] by early summer 2012, with the exception of paving,”  says Revell. “The pavement will not be applied to the SIU once it’s completed because other sections need to be built first.”
Shelby County is also currently making construction strides on its future I-69 Corridors.
In Shelby County, I-269, a western, semi-circular subsection of I-69, encompasses former U.S. Highway 385. The future I-269 subsection on the corridor is almost completed between Millington and Collierville. According to Revell, it is expected to be fully constructed by 2013.
The I-69 corridor will run west of U.S. Highway 51 and will be broken into three sections. It will then join Interstate-240, also a Future I-69 Corridor, and will run directly through Memphis, merging into Interstate-55 at Hernando, Mississippi. The route then runs east to Tunica, Mississippi. This particular section of I-69, running from Hernando to Tunica, is complete.
I-240 is currently in the process of acquiring right of way. I-69 construction lettings on I-240 are to begin later this year ...

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---In Shelby County, I-269, a western, semi-circular subsection of I-69, encompasses former U.S. Highway 385.
--- End quote ---

That describes a whole lot of fail right there.

That's by far not the only fail in the article.

I like where I-69 runs east to Tunica from Hernando :)

I recently received an email update from Steve Chipman, Project Manager responsible for SIU 8, regarding progress on the SIU 8 FEIS.  Remarkably, an approximate 500 foot change in the alignment is anticipated to result in an approximate nine month delay in the issuance of a ROD for SIU 8. The current website estimate of 4th quarter 2011 issuance of FEIS can be found here:

--- Quote ---From Millington to Dyersburg, Tennessee in Shelby, Tipton, Lauderdale, and Dyer Counties.
2nd Qtr: The Environmental Consultant submits the Final EIS to TDOT for review and approval.
3rd Qtr:  TDOT submits the Final EIS to Federal Highway Administration for review and approval.
4th Qtr: Receive approval on the Final EIS from the Federal Highway Administration.
--- End quote ---

Pertinent portion of Mr. Chipman's response (I assume his references to "FEDS" were intended to be "FEIS"):

--- Quote ---The completion date for the final EIS is in the process of being adjusted to reflect the completion of additional technical studies along the north end of the corridor near Dyersburg.  In the second quarter of 2010, a property owner claimed in a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the corridor for I-69, SIU 8, would cross a landfill located in the north end near Dyersburg.  The information was passed on to us to investigate.  In the third quarter of 2010 we partnered with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation on completing an Environmental Site Assessment of the area in questioned.  The information given to us indicated the potential landfill site would have been in operation in the early 1970's.  This was before any permit or reporting was required so the likely hood of finding any records on the landfill was slim to none.
The study was completed in the first quarter of 2011 and revealed the area was used for a landfill and the soil is not suitable for the construction of a highway .  Our next step was to look at moving the alignment far enough within the study area to avoid crossing the landfill area.  In the second quarter of 2011 it was determined that a shift in the alignment approximately 500 ft. east would avoid the landfill. Now we are in the process of completing technical studies for the line shift and incorporating the results into the FEDS.
At this time we anticipate the FEDS will be completed as follows;
       First quarter of 2012, the FEDS will be completed and submitted to TDOT for approval.
      Second quarter of 2012, the FEDS will be submitted to FHWA for approval.
      Third quarter of 2012, the record of decision signed.

--- End quote ---


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