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1962 Chicago Area Transportation Plan


Revive 755: (Large PDF)

Notes/pages of interest:
* (Page 66/154):  1939 highway Plan

* (Page 69/154):  1946 highway Plan

* (Page 70/154):  It appears I-65 was originally planned to go around Lafayette, IN on the west side.  In addition, I-69 appears to have undergone an alignment change from the yellow book map so it still kind of followed the US 36 corridor, but would intersect I-70 east of I-465.

* ( Page82/154):  Recommended highway plan

Southern Illinois SKYWARN:
That is rather interesting.  I ran across this once before, but didn't look through the whole document, so I didn't see the recommended highway plan, I almost wonder if this ever given any real thought, I could certainly a few of the proposal being helpful, such as the freeway between the Tri-Sate and I-57.

That freeway between the Chicago Skyway and Des Plaines near O'Har would have helped sooo much it's unbelievable. 


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