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What I mean is that Jasper is the largest city that would be connected to Muscle Shoals by a four-lane that currently isn't (or won't be via Corridor V).

Found a memo from the FHWA site about the ground breaking for the Montgomery Outer Loop. The initial project will encompass 3.5 miles from Interstate 85 south to Alabama 110 and will be the first step in what is suppose to be the eventual extension of Interstate 85 through the western portions of Alabama. No date has been given for completion of the initial phase. Here is the link to the memo:


^ It will still take decades to finish that road just around Montgomery at the usual rate that ALDOT moves. I guess it will take even longer with reduced federal funding. This stub by itself will not serve much purpose.

Indeed. They can't finish U.S. 98 near Mobile, it took forever to get the I-65/future I-22 interchange to make progress, and the approaches for the future Montgomery Outer Loop have been sitting there for how long now...?

On a separate note though, I'm wondering if they will keep it as Alabama 108 once it opens or if they will just post "Future I-85 Corridor" signs along it...

I recall seeing documentation somewhere within ALDOT about posting either the loop or the old route through town as I-685.  Wish I could remember where I found it.


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