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I-35W in Minneapolis

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As part of the Crosstown Commons rebuild and even further, reconstruction of the route between the Minnesota River and downtown, I-35W will be reduced to 6 lanes for the next 6 months, which will create hell in the Minneapolis freeway system. However, MnDOT is touting that I-35W will be a "21st-century freeway" when finished; new signs will give speed limit recommendations based on if there is slow traffic ahead, every half-mile will have the green/yellow/red arrow lights (which is interesting because the ones on I-94 at the Lowry Hill tunnel were allowed to fall into disuse) to warn in case of stalls or accidents, and the shoulder will be upgraded into a MNPass toll lane/HOV lane.

In addition, a new lane will be built going southbound on the Minnesota River.

This stuff is just what I-35W needs.

I like the ideas that MnDOT has.  The arrows almost remind me of San Antonio, except SA's aren't as "smart."

doesn't sound very safe (the lane on the shoulder) didn't a bridge with a lane on the shoulder collapse some time ago? :paranoid:

As long as the bridge is built and maintained properly, a lane on the shoulder should not make any difference vs. a mainline lane.  The stringers, cables, what have you would transfer the same amount of load to the same structural members.

By the way, when do we get to quote things again?

Are they ever going to build a full-diamond at Lake Street?

It was being "studied" decades ago.


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