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--- Quote from: adt1982 on November 04, 2023, 07:57:13 PM ---I feel like I read somewhere about a reroute in the plans for IL 3 in that area to remove it from the interstates and put it all back onto surface streets, but I'll have to look for it.
--- End quote ---

It came out of the process that led to the new Mississippi River Bridge.  IL 3 was to be on new alignment from just south of the PSB Complex to around the Broadway intersection in Venice.  So far only the IL 3 Spur segment and the intersection with Broadway in Venice have managed to be constructed.  See

IDOT to reveal preferred route for the new Quincy Memorial Bridge at public meeting.

QUINCY – The Illinois Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting Dec. 7 at The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center about the proposed replacement of the Quincy Memorial Bridge.
“We are pleased that we will have the opportunity to work with the state of Missouri and the city of Quincy to replace the bridge and enhance the transportation system within the region,” said Jeff Myers, IDOT Regional Engineer for Region 4. “This public meeting is a major step in the process. I encourage anyone interested to attend, ask questions and offer feedback.”

The meeting is scheduled to run from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Kroc Center, 405 Vermont. The purpose of the meeting is to present the preferred design for the improvement and to seek comments from the public. Exhibits, maps and aerial photography of the study area will be presented for viewing during the meeting.

No formal presentation will be made, but IDOT staff and consultants will be available to answer questions and receive comments from those in attendance.

Memorial Bridge, which is more than 90 years old and carries 7,000 vehicles per day on eastbound U.S. 24, originally carried traffic in both directions between Illinois and Missouri until Bayview Bridge opened in 1987, with westbound traffic moving to the new bridge.

Planning for a replacement started in 2014 but did not advance due to lack of funding. Gov. JB Pritzker’s Rebuild Illinois capital plan calls for $150 million for the new bridge, with the State of Missouri reimbursing Illinois half of those dollars upon completion.

Construction on the new bridge could begin as early as 2029.

For more information, please visit the project webpage at :

Comments may be submitted at the meeting or mailed to:

Illinois Department of Transportation, District 6
126 E. Ash St.
Springfield, IL 62704
Attn: Jay Wavering, P.E.

Comments received by Jan. 9, 2024, will be included in the official project record

QUINCY — Jeffrey Myers says things are actively moving forward on the replacement for Quincy's Memorial Bridge.

"It's been a while since we've been out in front of the public," said Myers, engineer for Region 4 of the Illinois Department of Transportation, Thursday at an open meeting held at the Kroc Center. "We have had advisory group meetings with the city of Quincy and then we took a brief step back while the regional transportation study was done, including the feasibility study on Illinois 57 and how that might affect this job.

"Now we've gotten through those issues, and we're back and presenting the current alternatives for replacing the Memorial Bridge."

Following initial planning and data-gathering sessions that started nearly a decade ago, the bridge replacement project was included in the six-year infrastructure program announced in June .

"This will likely be in the back half of that, so we needed the maintenance on Memorial Bridge to make it last long enough to get this designed and then probably two to three seasons to actually get it built," Myers said.

Memorial Bridge had extensive renovation work that began in 2021 and wrapped up in 2022.

Along with the city of Quincy, Myers said the Illinois and Missouri departments of transportation have had an excellent working relationship on projects that span the river into both states.

"We've been working really closely with both the city of Quincy and the Missouri Department of Transportation for quite some time on this project," he said. "They've both been really good partners to work with. Both states will fund it, but we kind of swap back and forth on who takes the lead on these projects. With the Champ Clark Bridge in Louisiana, they took the lead on that one, so Illinois will be the lead for this one."

As the planning phase starts to wind down and the design phase starts to ramp up next year, Myers said the current design for the new bridge is a type that's found in other communities in the region.

"We'll pick out the structure type early in the design phase because that will steer a lot of the work afterwards," he said. "What we've looked at that will probably be the most cost-effective for this span is going to be a tied-arch style. That's similar to what's in place in Meredosia.

"This is just a preliminary thought," Myers added, "but the span is probably too big for just a regular plate bridge like Champ Clark, and a cable-stayed like Bayview Bridge is probably the most expensive option and would really add to the cost here."

Members of the community who weren't able to make it to Thursday's public meeting will still have a chance to let their views be known. IDOT has a website,, set up to host the exhibits from the meetings and to post updates in the process. Public comments can be submitted through Jan. 9 at the website or by mail to Illinois Department of Transportation, District 6, 126 E. Ash St. Springfield, IL 62704 Attn: Jay Wavering, P.E.

The IDOT Engineer referenced the Meredosia Bridge as the most likely design for the Quincy Memorial based on cost and span requirements.

That new bridge looks like this:

I live around here and I've read stuff saying that they should use the York Street alignment, which would be interesting to say the least, but it would nuke the businesses on Maine Street thriving off of inflow from the current bridge. On another note, I wish they would keep some of the bridge if they tear it down, even though this is my nostalgia spiel. They have some metal on 2nd and Maine that I think is from a railroad bridge, so I feel somewhat confident saying they'll do the same to this bridge with how long its been here. But yeah, the bridge has been underwater quite a few times during floods, clogging our other bridge, and the nasty rehabilitation during 2021 left Bayview really congested. Next time I'm on the bridge, I might wanna get a video of it before it's gone for good. Gonna be sad, since the ba-dump, ba-dump was funny, and my dad speeding, going 95 on it when I was little, but it's all nostalgia for me, and we could really use a wider, higher, and less steep bridge. Just not sure where they're gonna go with the location of the bridge. About the design, as long as they make it blue I won't care.  :D

Here are the choices being offered for the new span.

Just my humble opinion. Maine Street doesn't have any more businesses from the river to 4th Street than York Street does.

Since anyone wanting to stay on US-24 will have to turn left on 4th (one way) anyway (just like Maine) I don't think York is a big stretch.

An exit on York has some advantages, the Quincy Arts Center and the 2 hotels supporting it are immediately available.

The con of using York is the Riverside BBQ will probably have to come down to accommodate turn lanes.

The other benefit of using York, is it provides visual separation between the Bayview Bridge and the new Memorial Bridge.

Since they will have completely different styles of spans, the more separation, the better, so they can stand out on their own.

My only hope is that IDOT doesn't have to tamper with all of that quarry stone holding up Kohl Wholesale. Kohl also owns the lots on the other side of York which are vacant.


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