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I noticed over the weekend DOTD putting up new mileposts along the I-10 in the city. Will try to get pics as soon as possible. They are similar to the ones in Tennessee that have the shield over the direction and then the mile. They are also expanding the use of those highway shield pavement markers, putting them in some places that aren't necessary IMHO. Has anybody seen these type of milepost anywhere else around the state?

Florida is also beginning to use similar mile markers along Interstate 75 in Hernando and Pasco Counties. I noticed these when I made a trek down to southwest Florida this past weekend:

Interstate 75 southbound at mile marker 304 in Hernando County. Photo taken 06/05/09.

Interstate 275 also uses these same type of mile markers from its interchange with Interstate 75 near Palmetto into the Tampa area.

^^ It's not just the southeast.  I've seen that style of mile marker popping up on I-80 in Pennsylvania.

These are also in VA including I-95 in Prince George County and Petersburg

GDOT's been installing those, too -- on I-75, I-85 and I-20 inside of the Perimeter.

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